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The human condition stripped of its baggage becomes naked not nude. The deception of clothes, the distraction of ornament and the vanities of personality are not the property of truth. With androgynous images seared with the scream of honesty the artist reveals the raw dignity of mankind's predicament. Primal and universal these unguarded moments belie sentiment and the embarrassment of sensuality. Paradigms of golden proportion and the cultural manifestation of Platonic perfection are not contained in the unfolding drama. This journey, beyond belief and aspiration transcends the vanishing point to grasp that rare beast, the source that is true artistic creation. Is the denial of self deception the ultimate challenge in life? Here with fearless expression - Naked by Neil Shawcross.
Bernard Jaffa.


I was contacted by Bernard Jaffa, who owned the gallery, and asked if I would be interested in spending a few evenings with Neil Shawcross over a couple of months, to both film and photograph him producing his new work. This was a privilege for a bunch of reasons - he's a great Irish artist, he's a great guy, and this was him stepping outside his comfort zone so I was going to be the sole witness to this experience .. and had the responsibility to document it all, to produce a film of it, and produce a book of photography and imagery that would be sold for charity. These are a selection of the photos that I took across those evenings .. in between the odd bottle of red wine .. or three.

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