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As part of The Ogham Grove project, and specifically attached to the Fionn's Window launch this year, I wanted to produce a piece of art, music, or something creative to recognise the importance of the eight annual Fire Festivals

To celebrate each one of the them I have selected a different style of art to present the theme of each individual Fire Festival.

Below are each of the artist offerings, some site-specific in the Cathedral Quarter, where The Ogham Grove lived, some in different parts of Ireland, and some online. 

You can read more about the themes & meanings for each of them here:

Summer Solstice (Litha): 21st June

Lughnasadh/Lammas: 1st August

Autumn Equinox (Mabon): 21st September


Express yourself, enjoy & celebrate what you have. 

For the Summer Solstice launch of Fionn's Window I produced an artist offering. The Cathedral Quarter is the cultural heart of Belfast, with arts organisations, venues, galleries, and amazing street art produced by local & international artists. I wanted my Summer Solstice artist offering to celebrate this beautiful creativity & the potency of life in the area whilst referencing the Ogham Grove that launched me on this journey. 

Look Up, Look Around, Look In was the phrase attached to all things Ogham that we produced, to pay attention to the spaces we live our lives in, whether we have let them decline, want them to thrive, feel they need some love, or are spaces that embody the creative energy of our communities. 

I created a stencil of the Ogham Grove logo so that I could spray it in these locations. Using an eco-friendly pigmented chalk paint, typically used for outdoor temporary marking, I sprayed the logos using the solstice colours of red, gold, & orange. These will remain for as long as the natural world of rain, wind & shine allow them to stay. 


Celebrate the sun & the harvest.

My artist offering for the first harvest of the year, Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, is some beach art on a beach on the north coast if Ireland, where the sun & the light are beautiful (when it actually shines!)

I wrote out a sentence using the Ogham characters at the end of the beautiful Benone beach, and I'll let you work out what it says if you check the ogham tree alphabet section.

Happy Lughnasadh folks!


The second harvest & the balance of light & dark.

My artist offering for the second harvest of the year, the Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon, is a piece of music that I've composed. I've been making electronic music for over 20 years and I wanted to make something that gently absorbed you whilst you listened, celebrating the light days that we're enjoyed and the waning to darker nights that are approaching us. 

Have a wonderful Mabon festival. 

The Artist


Gawain Morrison

Gawain has over 20 years of experience in multi-platform media production, events organising, app and platform development, product prototyping and immersive experiences. His creative outputs have spanned music, art, design, film & photography.


Projects have spanned Europe, America and Asia & he produced world 1st experiences, from live data and visuals for large screen interactions at the Electric Run in Malaysia, to the world’s 1st emotional response horror film that was premiered at SXSW, in Austin, Texas, from using wearable devices to control LEDs for the Ford ‘Buzz’ cars, to conceptualising, producing, and launching a biometric VR immersive experience with Red Bull Media House, called The Hero Feeling.

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