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Various tech-centric art, event, brand

& media world-firsts and experiences


For 10 years I was CEO of a technology company Sensum, and was responsible for leading on the creative concepts, R&D, product & company strategy, as well as being lead producer for the projects showcased below.


We operated at the bleeding edge of technology, carrying out R&D, world-first technology deployments, and showcased the art of the possible across art & science.

The specialism of the company was to bring the near future into reality, to hack & push the boundaries of what was possible, with devices, data and AI, and create real-world interactions that no-one had seen or experienced before. (Flickr archive of photos from Filmtrip & Sensum projects & productions).

The companies that we did this for included Warner Music, Jaguar, Red Bull Media House, BBC, Porsche, Unilever, Volvo, Akamai, Coca Cola and Ford, and some of projects are listed below, and a bunch of the video content we produced can be viewed in the YouTube channel

I presented these projects, and others, at SXSW, Web Summit, RightsCon, Nesta, TV of Tomorrow Show, Channel 4 Future of Entertainment, CNBC, ESOMAR, Foresight Factory, IBC, BFI, and others.

And we had articles across The Telegraph, The Guardian, New Scientist, CNBC, ABC, Campaign, Marketing Week, BBC, Gadget Show and others.


Learn about the making of The Hero Feeling – a Sensum project for Red Bull Media House. This 8-min full documentary gives you a glimpse into how we tackled the challenges of measuring emotions in extreme environments, and connecting the emotional data to audiences in a world-first 'bio-emotional' VR experience.

You can check out the 360 degree videos of the different runs here

and the actual VR experience here.

Partnered with Red Bull Media House

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Introducing Biosuite and Emotional Response Cinema, a new kind of cinema experience in which audiences' emotions are detected electronically to control the content they are viewing.

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


Trailer for the emotional response short horror film Unsound, which had it's world premiere at SXSW, as one of only a handful of Platinum projects in SXSW history, that spanned audio, film & technology. New Scientist wrote an article on it, we had the head of interactive for Coca Cola Global get wired up, and Wired Magazine interviewed us. We thought we'd created a new form of interactive film making .. and we may have .. but in 2011 the world wasn't ready for it.

You can check out the behind the prep & behind the scenes photos here

And you can watch the directors cut of the film here

Directed by : NG Bristow

Written by : Spencer Wright

Produced by : Gawain Morrison & Chris Martin

Production Company : Filmtrip Created with the Support of the Creative Industries Innovations Award : NI Arts Council And N.Ireland Screen

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In 2015, Sam Cossman traveled to the ring of fire and became one of the first explorers to step foot inside the worlds most dangerous and inaccessible volcanos, Marum Crater. More people have visited the moon than the fiery crater of this spectacular and deadly location. And we sent our emotional response app & platform with him to measure how his body responded through this journey.

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


We were approached by Jaguar's agency Spark 44 to work with them in producing this promotional content for the global launch of the Jaguar XE.


And this is a link to the video for how we measured the biometric response of 4 key influencers as they were a passenger in the new Jaguar XE .. and we got to test drive a Jaguar around Nutts Corner in the name of research!

Partnered with Jaguar & Spark 44

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


Emocam was the first photography app that allows you to put your feelings on to any photo. Put your heartrate on your photo with a smartwatch or even with your phone camera. Relive how you felt emotionally with Emocam. We built this as a working prototype to showcase at the CES show in Las Vegas, and had the organisers announce us 'one to watch' in their opening speech for the conference. We had everyone from casinos to the US military coming to check us out at our stand. Nuts!

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


Fans and members of the press were invited to a listening part for the worldwide launch of The 2nd Law by British band Muse at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast on 1st October 2012. We wired them up to measure their emotional response as they listened to each track for the first time, and their responses were visualised and broadcast live to everyone in the room.

Partnered with Warner Music Ireland

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png

NW200 - BBC

Video highlights of the Sensum team measuring the Heart Rate of 3 riders on 3 different classes of Bikes for the BBC coverage of the world famous road race the NW200. Look out for the heart rate spike at the near crash.

Partnered with BBC

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A quick highlight reel from another world-first for Sensum! At the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed – the 25th anniversary of the event – we were invited to map the real-time emotions of various motorsport pros. We rigged them up with biometric sensor chest straps (from Equivital) and transmitted their biometric signals back to the Future Lab pavilion, which is one of the festival's centrepiece attractions. We measured supercars, motorbikes, a stunt car and even a guy in a jetpack.

You can check out some of the Porsche driver 360 degree bio-emotional videos with Esmee Hawkey & Mark Higgins, as well as FutureLab Curator & racer Anthony Reid.

Partnered with Porsche & Goodwood Festival of Speed

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


A short clip of the CNBC piece interviewing me on what the mobile analytics platform does, and what insights we can see when comparing an interview with Vladimir Putin with one with Will.I.Am

Partnered with CNBC

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


As part of CultureTech in Derry, we produced a bio-reactive audio-visual experience, where the way you moved and the way your biometrics changed, would mean that your body would be a controller to generate your unique shape & sound over time. 

Partnered with CultureTech Festival

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


We were asked by Unilever to produce a real-time biometric experience, for people taking part in the nighttime 5K run & music festival, the Electric Run. The city is lit up along a route, and the runners finish in a stadium space for a festival. 

We attached a bunch of wearable devices to runners, whose data was live-transmitted via an app to large screens in the stadium, along with a bunch of microphones to record the audience audio.


Live DJs and MCs shouted to the crowd to make more noise & move more, so that the biometrics and noise would generate more live data to reach the target for donating to charity. 

Partnered with Unilever

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


Working with bleeding edge technologies, especially ones that can start to understand the basis of our emotional and biometric responses led to a lot of deep conversations about where the ethical lines were in producing technologies, experiences and products that could interact at that level. It led me to help found a global ethical standards group - the P7014 - with IEEE as part of their P7000 group on ethics in action for autonomous and intelligent systems, with P7014 being specifically around ethics in the production, training & use of empathic technologies. 

Alongside this we interviewed a bunch of industry leaders to discuss their points of view in regards to where we should 'Draw The Line'.

You can view all of them here.

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 23.14.06.png


How can we understand our bodies in greater depth? How can we make better, faster and more efficient decisions and harness our physiological data in beneficial new ways? Gawain Morrison is developing empathic new technology to help athletes achieve incredible feats, transform road safety and create immersive experiences in the worlds of cinema, gaming and virtual reality. We’ll also meet Katie Coyle from Randox Health, which is revolutionising the amount of data we can access about our own bodies.

Future Lab - The Podcast is presented by Randox and the Goodwood Festival of Speed, home of the Future Lab live exhibition.


The full episode can be listened to on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to listen to the other FutureLab podcasts with Tim Peake, Lucas Di Grassi, Anita Sengupta and Fabien Cousteau.

Partnered with Randox Health & Goodwood Festival of Speed FutureLab

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