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This is a selection of short films I've produced, line produced, production managed & 1st AD'd.


A large chunk of the established film & TV crew in Northern Ireland cut their teeth in the 'Deviate' program that Northern Ireland Screen & UK Film Council funded. It took aspiring writers, directors, and producers in for intensive weekly sessions to learn about film making and to work concepts into scripts, and then produce, shoot, and edit them. Many of these people are now established film makers across writing, directing, camera, sound, editing, art department, wardrobe, acting and many more roles in the flourishing TV and film production scene in Northern Ireland.

Several of the films mentioned in the shorts section came through that program, and in subsequent years I was asked to help with the training and preparation for those selected for 'Deviate'. For cohort 4 of that program I was also production manager and 1st AD for the 4 selected films ... a word of advice .. never ever do those two roles at the same time for a film .. much less 4 films .. the films turned out great and won several awards at global festivals and those involved have gone on to great things.

Director: Anna McCaughtry // Writer: Rosie Murdoch

A man and a woman stuck in a dead end marriage. He drinks tins of lager, flicks his fag ash on the carpet and watches footie in the pub with his mates. She lives on a staple diet of tea, biscuits and Countdown. The arrival of the intelligent goldfish shows the woman just what a hopeless situation she’s in.


Director: Brian Philip Davis // Writer: Dave Kinghan

When Larry is officially named the Happiest Man in the World, he has no idea the effect that fame will have on his life.


Director - Michael Lennox // Writer - Mark Jordan

A fire and brimstone street preacher is confronted by an armed and fiercely angry young street hood. Within seconds the conflict escalates out of control and the preachers strongly proclaimed faith is put to the ultimate test.


Writer & Director: Alanna Riddell

A day in the life of Joanne, a little girl obsessed with Houdini and perfecting the ultimate escape.